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Munck, R. (15 October 2019). Organising precarious workers: a view from the south. Open Democracy.

Precarious Workers: people who work jobs which are unpredictable, have unsafe work conditions, and tend to disregard the workers’ rights. Non-permanent working conditions.

Globalization: when one country spreads into another in terms of integrating their culture/customs in aspects of business, society, or any other organizational structure.

Golden Era: defined as being the most idealized form of work and the workforce. …

Lara Kabbara

Weeks 3–4: Thinking about Social Movements: Power, Knowledge and Research

Power, Knowledge and Resistances in the Study of Social Movements

Dadusc, D. (2014). Power, knowledge and resistances in the study of social movements. Contention: The Multidisciplinary Journal of Social Protest. 1(2): 47–60. 9

Epistemology: Philosophy which is interrelated with knowledge. How do we know what we know? How rational is it? And other aspects of obtaining knowledge on our surroundings.

Resistance: on the surface, this is the refusal of something. But in terms of this article they meant the subject’s resistance ranging on matters such as political action…

Where does Corporate Social Responsibility end and participatory surveillance begin?


Social media may provide a powerful platform for supporting people at risk of committing suicide or self-harm, because it allows these individuals to express their feelings, instantly reach out to other friends or relatives for help or even receive support from specialized institutions and experts that would guide them out of the danger zone they may be in. What makes this possible for these users is the character of social media networks, which is non-hierarchical and interactive, allowing quick and constant communication with a wide variety of stakeholders (Bauer…

Does the personalisation of publics undermine democratic participation in the public sphere?

Lara Kabbara

Previously, individuals wanting to get their message across to the masses had to go through traditional media outlets such as newspapers, television stations and radios and obtain their approval. This often required dealing with layers of decision makers and gatekeepers, who had their own priorities and the interests of their outlet in mind. However, today, the reality is radically different: almost any member of the public can create his own blog or Youtube channel and reach a global audience with his own views without the permission…

In general, the act of sharing is “is a complex bargain in which the values exchanged and the assets traded cannot necessarily be measured in monetary terms”, where an individual shares with the intention of supporting others and the expectation of receiving return favors later on in time. As for social capital, Giddens (2013) defines it as being a kind of cultural, economic and symbolic capital that we as individuals acquire through social media platforms. It usually consists of the number and quality of relationships, connections and communities which individuals belong to, and the knowledge which they have accumulated through…

Lara Kabbara

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